Exodus 32

Exodus 32

SERIES: Exodus:  Moses, God’s Man for the Hour

Moses: The Man in the Middle

SPEAKER: Brad Harper

Note:  The manuscript of this sermon is unavailable.  However, the outline is below.  

Introduction:  In Exodus 32 we are confronted with the very familiar story of the golden calf.  It is an event that shows us how life under pressure brought God’s people to a time of crisis.  In the midst of this crisis, we are shown the reactions of God, God’s people, and Moses, the man in the middle.  

The people’s reaction to God’s absence

         They took a short-term view of God.

         They took a worldly view of God.

         They took a self-serving view of life.

God’s reaction to the people’s sin

         Out of his holiness, wrath.

         Out of his sovereignty, patience.

         Out of his righteousness, judgment.

Moses: the man in the middle

         He recognized and condemned sin.

         He took action against sin despite the personal consequences.  

         He was willing to sacrifice himself, even for a rebellious people.

Principles to ponder in a pressure-filled life:

         Look beyond your circumstances and persist in focusing on the 

awesomeness and faithfulness of God.  

         Look beyond the satisfaction of sin and focus on the judgment of God.

         Be willing to set aside your own priorities to focus on the people of God.  

An image to take with you: be a middleman!

         Represent God to others.

         Represent others to God.

DATE: August 25, 1991