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New Sermons

John 1:1-5

SERIES: The Gospel of John The Gospel Par Excellence SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus Introduction:  Today we begin a new series on the Gospel of John.  After a lifetime of study of this book, one scholar calls it “the most amazing book ever written.  It is a pool in which a child can wade and an elephant can swim.” [i]  It is both simple and profound.  It meets the spiritual need of the unbeliever, the brand-new Christian, and the one with many years of maturity.  It has been…

John 1:6-9, 19-34

SERIES: The Gospel of John A Voice in the Desert, or John the Baptist Was No TV Preacher SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus Introduction: On this day of the first Presidential debate of 1992, I am reminded of one of the most electric moments in the 1988 presidential campaign.  It came during the debate between Senators Dan Quayle and Lloyd Benson, the Republican and Democrat nominees for Vice-President.  When Quayle quoted Jack Kennedy approvingly, Benson retorted with the line that has become a classic…

John 1:10-18

SERIES: The Gospel of John The Visit SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus Introduction: Our earth is of tremendous size to us.  Few of us have circled it even once.  Yet if our sun were hollow it could hold over one million earths, and there are stars in our galaxy that, if hollow, could hold over 100,000,000 of our suns!  And there are at least 100,000,000 other galaxies, each with at least 100 billion stars!  The sheer magnitude of this universe is mind boggling.  Yet the Bible…