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2 Timothy 1:8-18

SERIES: Entrusted with the Gospel The Fellowship of the Unashamed SPEAKER:  Michael P. Andrus                             Introduction:  Last Lord’s Day Pastor Josh shared with us very poignantly about how he could relate to Timothy, the young protégée of the Apostle Paul to whom he addresses this powerful personal letter we know as 2 Timothy.  Josh saw in Timothy’s background some of the same family of origins issues which he himself experienced, namely the absence of a godly father in the home.  While Paul praises Timothy’s mother…

2 Timothy 2

A Shepherd’s Most Important Task: Feed the Flock SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus            Note:  This sermon was preached at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego in 2005.  I was asked to speak at the installation of my dear friend Carlton Harris as Pastor.      Introduction:  When Carlton called and asked me to come and preach at his installation service, I told him I would pray about God’s will in the matter, hung up the phone, and immediately asked my wife to order some airline…

2 Timothy 3:1-15

Entrusted With the Gospel Religious Sinners in the Last Days SPEAKER:  Michael P. Andrus                                                                                   Introduction:  What is the greatest threat to the church of Jesus Christ in the last days?  Is it secular humanism?  Is it the new atheism?  Is it the ACLU?  Is it government efforts to limit religious freedom?  Is it the movement that seeks to redefine marriage and the sexual mores that have been accepted in principle for 2000 years?  All of these are, in my humble opinion, a threat to biblical Christianity, but not…