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1 Samuel 1-3

SERIES: Leadership in Hard Times The Difference a Godly Home Makes SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus Introduction: It’s good to be back with you this morning after fulfilling a life-long dream of visiting Egypt.  Several previous attempts to go there had been scuttled by Mideast politics, but this one went off without a hitch.  We (Saba Khalil, Brad Baraks, Mark Friz, and I) enjoyed wonderful hospitality and filled our eyes and minds with the magnificence of a civilization that was already ancient when…

1 Samuel 4-7

SERIES: Leadership in Hard Times A Boy Named Ichabod, A Stone Named Ebenezer SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus DATE:  May 23, 2004                        Introduction:  Have you ever met a boy named Ichabod?  I doubt it.  The fictional character, Ichabod Crane, in Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is the last one I ever heard of, and he was such a despicable character that I suppose all parents since the time of Washington Irving have studiously avoided “Ichabod” when trying to find the right name for their…

1 Samuel 8

SERIES: Leadership in Hard Times How to Handle Rejection SPEAKER: Michael P. Andrus Introduction:  Rejection.  Is there anything in all of life that is harder to handle than rejection?  I don’t know about you, but I have experienced a profound sense of rejection several times in my life.  Once was in Little League.  I remember it well, because my dad was there–a rare treat because he had two full-time jobs–one as a pastor and another as a Bible College administrator.  I was playing right field (you…